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Machinery general parts industry sales gradually increased in the third quarter


New normal in developing countries, promote the supply side structural reform, expand the effective supply, adhere to the strategy implementation of the manufacturing from the quantity expansion to quality improvement, the third quarter of 2017, as the railway, automobile, shipbuilding, aviation, stable operation of the electric power industry and machine tool industry, engineering mechanical recovery and other host equipment to the good development momentum, confidence for economic operation of the machinery general parts industry is gradually ascending, industry enterprises to adapt to the complex and changeful market environment, adjust the internal structural contradictions, actively promote the industry development presents the restorative growth, industry import and export of further ascension.

By the end of September 2017, the total output value of the machinery general components industry reached 256 billion yuan, an increase of 7.11% year on year, which kept the total output growth rate of the industry in a continuous upward trend this year. The economic operation of the six major industries is stable, and the growth rate of output is growing. Imports and exports totaled $24.86 billion, up 10.4 percent year on year and still maintaining double-digit growth rates this quarter.

The total value of imports in the industry was us $150.64 billion, up 14.18 per cent year on year. Among them, the import of gear was $117.36 billion, up 15.66% year on year. Fastener imports were $24.24 billion, up 8.86% year on year; The two majors account for 93.9 percent of the total value of imports.

The industry's total exports were $9796 million, up 4.99 percent year on year. Among them, the gear exports were $43.42 billion, up by 4.08% year on year. Fastener exports of $37.66 billion, up 5.48% year on year; The chain exported $10.22 billion, up 5.97% year on year. Together, these three majors account for 93 percent of the industry's total exports. In addition, the amount of imported spring imports was $416 million, up 14.19 percent year on year, and the value of exports was $268 million, up 10.36 percent year on year. The import volume of transmission joint components was us $318 million, up 2.44% from the same period last year, with exports of us $397 million, up 4.39% from the same period last year.

It can be seen that the overall and professional economic operation of the current industry is stable, with a slight acceleration in the steady growth and a recovery trend.

Looking forward to the final quarter of development, with the improvement of the macroeconomic environment and good in mechanical industrial policy of gradually implement, industry economy is expected to keep smooth running situation, macroeconomic stability in the positive situation continue to consolidate. But also should see, the current industry still has a lot of contradictions and problems in economic operation, stability of sorrow still exists, the transformation and upgrading of the task is still heavy, not slack, industry enterprises should maintain a cautious optimism.